It is certainly nice to be able to save a bit of money and get the best deals possible. When we go grocery shopping, many of us get the same things over and over. Milk, cereal, bread, coffee, toiletries. The list goes on. These are some weekly essentials that we throw in the cart when strolling down the aisles of the local grocery store. For such a long time, I didn’t really pay that close of attention to the things that I would buy, let alone try to find get the greatest value. However we all want to be able to get a little more bang for our buck, right?

Bulk Buy Deals

Over the past couple years, I have found myself paying more attention to getting the best deals on the things that I buy. Cryssie is especially good at this. She can find bargains that sometimes I just amaze me. The secret to maximizing your savings is to buy in bulk when there is a great deal. We do this all the time and the money it can save is awesome. One of the issues that you can run into when buying in bulk is storage. Sure, it is great to be able to get 20 packages of product X, but where in the heck are you going to put it all? Although I don’t have a solution for organizing and storing things bought in bulk, I do have some great examples of how we were able to use this method to our benefit.

“The Fresh Scent Deal” – At the store we love to shop regularly at, the deodorant (which is typically priced at $1.99) was on sale for $1.49. In addition, there was a manufacturer coupon for $1.00 off. Although you cannot apply one single coupon to multiple items, if you have more than one coupon, the savings grows. At $0.49 each and with 14 coupons in hand, Cryssie was able to walk out of the store with 14 sticks of deodorant for just $6.86! (Thanks hun! I will now be smelling fresh for a long, long time.)

“Pouf! Money Saved!” – On the same shopping trip, there was also a sale on bath poufs. Although I do not use these things, my wife and daughter do. Typically a couple bucks each, but again with the sale and coupons, $0.25 each! At 75% off, it is time to stock up!

“The Laundry Never Ends!” – Once in a while there comes some great deals where you can use a generic store deal as well as a coupon. For instance, a few months back we were able to load up on bottles of laundry detergent (Yes, pun intended). With a store sale, coupons and reward dollars back on all cleaning supplies, we were able to score laundry detergent, which is typically $3.99 a bottle for just a bit over a buck. Ended up getting 12 bottles. We are set for a while.

“Surprise, Cereal for Every Meal for the Next 4 Months!” – I may be a bit exaggerating here, but I can certainly say that I have never had so much cereal in the house at one time. Black Friday one year, Cryssie went out to do some shopping and when she came home, so did 15 boxes of cereal; Honey Nut Cheerios and Lucky Charms. This was once again a coupon/store sale deal. Turned out to be just $0.50 a box! And I am not talking the little tiny boxes. I mean to regular size. Never before did our pantry have a whole shelf dedicated to crunchy, sweet breakfast goodness.

“Bag o’Free!” – On the same day our pantry needed to be converted into a cereal storage unit, Cryssie plopped down a grocery bag full of toiletry items such as toothpaste, floss, mouthwash, soap and more. As I starting looking through the bag, she began to bring more bags into the kitchen and said, “yeah, that bag you’re holding…everything in it was free after my coupons and reward perks.”

Is It Worth It?

Using coupons and sales can save you here and there. If you happen to be one of those extreme couponers like we see on those reality TV shows, in which case the savings are huge! But these crazy couponing deals are not the norm. So you may ask yourself, is the coupon clipping and deal hunting really worth it? My answer, absolutely. Anytime you can save a bit of money, why not? Look at it this way, if you saw a dollar bill on the street, would you bend down to pick it up? I know I would and I see using coupons and figuring out these types of deals just the same.

Bulk buying can get you great deals and allow you to have items on hand in the future. This means fewer trips to the store, which also means more time saved for you to spend on other things. When you look at savings per item, it may not seem like much, but these amounts can added up quickly. And the savings is two-fold. You are saving both time and money.

Not Just Bulk Buying

There are tons of other ways to save as well. I have seen some pretty clever ways to save money. There are things from clipping coupons, using store perks, shopping seasonally and so much more. Check out my guest post I wrote a while back on Blysee “10 Tricks To Save Hundreds at The Grocery Store”.

What ways have you used to save money and work the deals? Do you have a method that you use often? What was the most you saved in one shopping trip?

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