We all have them. They make us smile. They allow us to momentarily escape the insanity we call life.  A wish can be a very powerful, uplifting thing. It can be very calming just to think about as well. No matter where each of us are on our path, I am sure that we all have a wish of some sort.

  • I wish I wasn’t stuck in this dead end job.
  • I wish I made more money so that I could do more things that I want to do.
  • I wish I could have a career that makes me happy.
  • I wish all the bills would just go away.

I cannot tell you how many times I was in a situation where, in the midst of it all, I wished that things were different. I felt that even if nothing changed, that moment of stopping to think and make that wish, was a moment of temporary bliss, which sometimes in and of itself can make all the difference.

Taking Control of Your Wishes

One of the great thing I have discovered about wishes is that they can be controlled and I am empowered. I previously wrote a post in which I described a moment that changed my life seeing the words “do something different”. (See “When Was the Last Time You Power Cycled?”) My wife and I actually still use this as a mantra to this day. The great thing about these three little words are that they have the power to take you places that you have only been wishing that you were.

Do you want to get out of that dead end job? Do something different and learn a new skill or find something that you enjoy and work to improve at it. Perhaps you want to get out of debt and start being able to spend your money on you and the things you enjoy without having worries? Do something different in order to escape the debt trap many of us fall in. Is your goal to save more money for retirement so that you can stop worrying about what things will be like when you choose to or can’t work anymore? Do something different.

It certainly feels good to gaze up at the sky, let your eyes soak in the wonders of the stars and make a wish to let your situation get better. I have done this countless times. There is certainly nothing wrong with it. It is good for your spirit. But are we taking action to control these wishes and turning them into reality? Some of us may say that if you work to make your wish a reality, it is not really a wish, it’s a plan. Wishes are granted and plans are something you actively work on. Yes, this is true, but let’s think about this for moment. Where did that “plan” originate? If you are honest with yourself, 99.9% of the time, that plan started from an idea, which came from a wish.

Am I Over-reaching?

Something that I have found that has led many of my wishes fail to become reality is the thought that I was over-reaching. I had my own self-doubt. I would make a wish and then tell myself that it would “only happen in a million years” or that “I will need divine intervention”. Were these wishes that I was asking for, or prayers? Was I pre-determining my future with negative thoughts? Through my life, many wishes have been granted. But not in the ways I would have thought. My wish to find a new job while I was stuck in a rut with my then current one felt like an over-reach because I was not performing at my best. A few months, later I had moved to a new position at work. Bills seemed to be getting higher and the stress was rising as well. I wished that the bills would just go away and that I could be relieved from the stress of them. A short while later I received a raise and made a better financial plan that allowed me to ease my mind.

You can see here that my wishes were granted, but at the time, in the moment that they were, I didn’t see it. The changes that were made to help fulfill my wishes did not tie together in my mind. Even knowing this now, there are still things that happen that I don’t tie together. A few months ago I was feeling as if I did not have a greater purpose. I felt like I was going through the motions of life and wished that someday things would be different. As a way to channel my energy of needing something different, I started this blog just to give myself the feeling that I was changing something with my life. It wasn’t until after a few posts that I realized that this was my granted wish to feel like I have a greater purpose and to contribute something.

So am I over-reaching in my wishes? Not at all, because many times, our wishes are granted in ways we would never expect. At the same time are the ways we truly need. So although it is a great feeling to have big wishes and dreams, you can work to make them a reality. Next time you see that bright shining star and think about all the things you would like to change, go ahead and make that wish. Instead of stopping there, act upon it. Do something to work toward it. As the Rolling Stones say it, “You can’t always get what you want, but if you try sometimes, well you might find, you get what you need”.

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