When was the last time you not only thought about your goals, dreams and aspirations, but actually discussed them with your significant other, a friend or someone close to you? We tend to get so caught up in the everyday tasks of going to work, paying the bills, cleaning the house, picking up the kids, making dinner, etc. Tomorrow then comes and what do we do? Repeat.

This is me and how I live my life most of the time. It is in our nature, it is ingrained in our society. Hustle, hustle, hustle….again, again and again. There is certainly nothing wrong with this. The more we do and the harder we work now, the more we can get ahead and the closer we get to living the life we desire. But when do we take a moment or two and stop to think about what it’s all for? Are we living each day just to get to the next, or are we living each day with meaning and purpose so that one day we can live the life we want rather than the life we think we need?

Recently, Cryssie and I have been having more discussions about our goals. I am not talking about just what we want to accomplish this month or how we are going to work toward out resolutions this year. I am talking about something bigger. Our life goals and plans. Where do we see ourselves in 30, 40, 50 years? What do we want to achieve and how are we going to get there? Perhaps, most importantly, what can we do today help ourselves along our path?

A Step In The Right Direction

Earlier this year, we made our plan of attack for savings and debt reduction. As I had posted on Twitter, we recently paid off my car along with some other debts. What an awesome feeling that was to submit those payments! We officially no longer have any car debt! Woo Hoo! This was a HUGE step for us and with the increase in cash flow each month, we will be able to pay down even more debts much more quickly. It has been over 10 years since we have not have a car payment. The feeling is amazing!

Having been able to achieve something so early on in the year after making a plan of attack and actually executing it, I got to thinking…what if we set our long-term goals even bigger? Sure we have a long term plan, but are we limiting ourselves based on what we THINK we MAY be able to accomplish? If so, the issue here is that we are limiting ourselves on our path to our goals before we even take the first step.

Power of 10X

Over the past week, what has really been on my mind a lot is the idea of thinking bigger. I recently finished the audiobook “The 10X Rule” by Grant Cardone. I had mixed feelings about this book, but there was one takeaway that really stood out to me: if we strive for mediocrity, then that is what we are going to achieve. We need to think bigger. Paraphrasing Cardone, you will never hit a homerun unless you swing for the fences. This idea really got me thinking about my goals and finances. Sure I can do a little here and there and slowly work toward financial freedom, or I can give it all I got and just start working as hard as I can toward my goals. By doing the latter, I will be able to achieve more than I ever thought possible.

With this idea in my head and by sharing the same idea with Cryssie (it is so very important to be on the same page), are off to an amazing start with our 2018 goals. Sure, there is still another 9+ months ahead of us in the year, but I now view these months as opportunities to do even more than I ever thought possible.  There is a delicate balance of setting realistic goals and setting goals that are out of reach.

It is important to know where you can push yourself and how much is just too much. Only you know what may be out of reach. For instance, I know that I am not going to save $10,000 this year, but I do know paying off our car, paying off some credit cards and also saving for our planned event envelopes (See Planned Event Envelopes) is something that is difficult, but certainly still doable. In fact, as of the time I sit here and write this, two of these three things are already done! (It’s now time to attack the credit cards with a vengeance!)


Now that we are into the last half of March, I already find myself reflecting on the first two months of the year. What if I kept the same mindset that I previously had for years? What if I had not looked at the bigger picture? What if I set my goals based on what I needed just to survive and not what I needed to thrive? Having had this small thinking for so long, I have a pretty good guess of where I would be…the same place I started! I would be living each day for the purpose of just getting to the next. How do I know this? Because the same type of thinking gets us to the same results. In order to change our outcomes, we first need to change our mindset in order to think bigger.


The other thing that comes along with thinking bigger and seeing your goals being achieved is momentum. Now that I see my goals actually being carried out, I wonder, what would happen if I pushed myself just a little bit more? We do all have our breaking points, so I know that this is an area where I need to be careful. But getting momentum  on my goals has allowed me to become more focused. It has allowed me to enjoy the other things in life and I become more and more fulfilled.

What is your purpose right now? I’m not talking about your life purpose. For many of us, this is something that can take a long time to find. I’m talking about what life goal are you working toward? I would love to hear what you are striving for and where you are along the way. By talking about our goals, both in person and here in the online world, we can help each other along the way. We can challenge each other to think bigger and we can support each other when the road gets rough.

I am so very happy that Cryssie and I have discussed our goals in ways that we never have before. It has allowed us to create a new purpose and have something that we can work on together and push each other toward. Now that we have paid off some things and have created our envelopes, our purpose is now to focus on credit card debt paydown.

What are you goals? What steps are you taking to get there? How can you maximize your goals in order to push yourself to something you never thought possible?

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