Household debt seems to be getting higher and higher these days. We rely on credit so much to live our daily lives. Although credit cards can be used for good as long as they are paid off each month, carrying a balance also means carrying a burden. Sometimes we get ourselves so far in debt with credit cards, student loans, personal loans, mortgages and more that no matter how much extra we may pay, it seems like we can never get out. We try different methods and different mental techniques to try to get ahead. At times these work great and we are able to make good headway. Other times they don’t and we find ourselves worse off than when we started.

This was me when I started my financial journey. I stood at the bottom of the financial wall, looking straight up, determined to find my way to the top and defeat the debt dragons sitting above me as I started to climb. As a scaled up the wall, I was only able to use one hand to swing the sword in my defense and the other to hold on making sure I did everything I could to prevent from slipping down. As I would win battles against small debt dragons and work my way higher up the wall, larger dragons would bring more of a fight and cause me to inevitably slip anyway. I would scale up ten feet just to be knocked down six.

I was trying to do it all, trying to get to the top as quickly as possible. It was exhausting. Then, not too long ago, I realized that something had to change. I needed to look at the financial wall from a different angle. Then suddenly, the lightbulb turned on. That’s it! An angle! If I can create my own personal financial wall, I can also change it. So that’s what I did. I ran over to the bottom of the wall, grabbed hold and pulled with all my might. And do you know what happened? As I pulled the bottom out, the top started to lean forward.

I watched the financial wall turn into a financial ramp. Sure I still need to climb my way up, but walking up using both feet at a 45 degree angle is easier than trying to scale at 90 degrees. The debt dragons are still there, but now I have some leverage! I can swing the mighty sword as hard as I need to because now I can stand and not dangle.

The more I am able to organize and pay off, the more level the new ramp becomes. Now that I have converted the wall into a ramp, I can look ahead to the top and see the summit. With this in sight, the motivation becomes greater and the battles get easier. Sure, there still will be dragons that push me back, but in this fight, I would rather be pushed back than knocked down. After all, I no longer need to scale and I am still standing.

How about you? Has your financial wall been pulled down to turned into a ramp? What types of dragons have you conquered? I would love to hear your battle stories in the comments below. I always welcome feedback, questions and comments. Please feel free to comment below or you can also reach me directly at I can also be found on Facebook and Twitter @defeatingnormal.

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  1. Great content! I write about food and finances also! My debt dragons are student loans and a car payment right now. I see potential for guest blogging here? Check out my latest post and let me know! I guessed blogged once and i had a guest blogger too!

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