Earning more money can certainly help achieve your goals. Today I have a guest post from Sophie Smith about online marketing jobs. Sophie, is an aspiring blogger who loves to write articles about anything and everything under the sun. Get to know her by following her blog at sophiesmithwriter.wordpress.com.

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Whether trying to save up to buy a new house or to fulfill a South American dream trip, one can never lose a reason to save money. If there’s an end goal, there should be endless means for you to build a fund — and you have to find ways no matter what.

If your monthly pay is just enough to pay the bills and all the other constant expenses, there’s still no excuse for you not to have enough savings, especially in this day and age when having a side hustle is just a few clicks away.

Try online marketing jobs. You don’t really need a marketing diploma for you to survive in this field. Besides, training courses are widely available online — and even for free — just in case you need to brush up your existing relevant skills.

Here are some online marketing gigs you can consider, apart from your day job, if saving money tops your 2018 goals.


One of the most popular marketing jobs in the history of forever. It’s like the Beyonce of work-from-home gigs. If you have the flair for writing web copy, blogs, or advertising materials, there are a lot of companies and agencies posting copywriting jobs on sites like Freelancer, Fiverr, and Upwork.


For the past decade, blogging has turned from a simple hobby into a lucrative career for thousands of people across the globe. It’s no surprise anymore to come across someone who’s a full-time blogger. What are you passionate about? Do you enjoy sharing your passion through written words? This could be an exciting way to make 2018 your year. Best of all, you can later on make it a money-making space for you!

Take inspiration from bloggers who have made it big. Check your Instagram account. There’s a big chance you’re following a famous blogger right there. You can blog about anything under the sun or choose a niche that has already gained a cult following, but remember to offer something fresh so you won’t be just like everyone else.

When your blog has enough awesome content and a growing number of followers, you can then monetize your blog. Offer advertisement spots or look for businesses willing to pay you for a blog post about their products or services. Now if you have created a content you consider a gem in your blog, you can make it a gated content that visitors can only access by paying a one-time fee for, let’s say, three months.

E-Book Writing

To pick up that part in the previous paragraph, a gated content could be an e-book you’ve ardently written for weeks. If you don’t have a blog, you can sell it via Amazon Kindle Direct Publish, Lulu, or Blurb. Fiction or nonfiction, there’s a reader for your piece of work. Stir curiosity with a catchy title and then hook the readers with valuable content that will easily make it a page-turner.

You can also look for businesses who need an e-book to market their brand. There are many small-business owners who do not have the luxury of time to write such material and would be willing to hire someone to create one for them. It pays to be on the radar of these potential clients.


You may be asking now, what if you don’t have a knack for writing? Well, then are you comfortable being in front of the camera? Do you have video editing skills? Take these two and you can become a vlogger! Of course, you need a channel where you’ll upload your vlogs. A YouTube channel is your best option. Next, decide what content or topic you would like to focus on because this will determine the success of the third major step, which is to get tons of subscribers.

You can have various topics along the way, but it will help build your following if you have a theme that you are gradually being known for. Skipping those ads when watching videos on YouTube? Well, once you start your vlogging journey, those ads are your gold mine. YouTubers also get paid per a specific number of views their video earned that’s why having a huge number of subscribers matter greatly for every vlogger.

Online Selling

Do you feel stuck being an office employee? Okay, you can take that question both literally and figuratively. You know the feeling, right? For five days a week, you’re in your office cubicle pretending that your 9-to-5 job is the most exciting thing in your life. Well, it could be one of the good things because we all need to work for a living, but when your days are slowly becoming monotonous, that’s nowhere near thrilling.

You need to do something else. Preferably something that’s far from what you’re doing in the office. Do you want to be your own boss? How about taking another role — the role of being an entrepreneur? Put up an online store and earn extra income selling stuff within your interests.

People nowadays are always looking for either something new or something old. New stuff to try gives them a sense of adventure and prevents them from FOMO (fear of missing out). Old stuff that takes them down the memory lane draws people to purchase when nostalgia kicks in.

Do you need a huge capital to open your online shop? No. But that depends on the products you want to offer. You can buy and sell luxury handbags or vintage pieces. If you’re a supporter of all-organic handmade goods, learn how to make your own version of your favorite product and start your own brand. Or maybe look at your closet and see if you have interesting pieces of clothing you have barely even worn, which you can sell. Make money by selling old clothes online just like what Sophia Amoruso did that let her build her own empire, Nasty Gal.

Remember that the most important thing before selling online is to determine the right target market for your products. You can sell via Amazon, Shopify, or Etsy, and even on Facebook or Instagram, but you have to know if your potential buyers are purchasing from these platforms.

Some people say you won’t be rich if you stay as an employee forever. You need to find ways to earn money you can save for your bigger plans and a more comfortable future. So take the risk, find whatever you’re passionate about, and make money from it. What are your thoughts and idea about earning money online? What methods have you tried and how did they turn out?

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