Before I get to today’s post, I would like to thank Rockstar Finance for featuring my post “Riding the Elevator“. It was an awesome feeling to be featured and to see a boost in visitors. In today’s post, my mind has been on the act of simply moving forward in life and on your finance journey.

When I first got the idea to start this blog, my intent was to document my thoughts on our society, finance and how I am working to optimize my own experience through life. I realize that everyone’s situation is different personal. Although I create my posts based on my own outlook (kinda the point of a blog, right?), I know that not all posts will resonate with everyone, and that’s ok. I read many other blog posts myself since I do enjoy reading other people’s opinions on finance and life. Some of them I really enjoy and they cause me to think deeper about my own beliefs and principles.

Even though I am only a handful of posts into this blog, I recognize that my story and thoughts may hit the wrong nerve with some. This is certainly not my intent. My intent is to simply share what is on my mind. In this journey through life, we are all at vastly different stages. In the grand scheme of things, however, the one goal that I see is to just keep moving forward.

Whether you are a single parent who is struggling to simply live day to day, a bazillionaire who never has to worry about money or anywhere in between, we all still need to move forward. Sure, there will be setbacks (I have lost count of the setbacks I have experienced in my personal journey). But at the end of the day, our common goal as human beings is to get through life and make it the best we can. For some this comes a lot easier than for others. In my journey, I have had many blessings and I am very grateful.

Although I do not know your situation, although there are situations I have heard from others that I have never personally experienced and may never actually understand what it is like, the good thing is that as a society we are here to lean on each other. No one ever goes through life alone. Sure there are times when you may feel alone and when you may feel like no one else in the world knows what you are going through. With humans being on this earth for as long as they have, we have found ways to cope and ways to get through situations.


No matter how you may feel about your situation or perhaps the situation of a loved one, a step in the right direction regardless of how big or small, is something worth celebrating. You may have a journey ahead of you that is 1,000 steps or one that is 1,000,000. Having been at a point myself where I felt that I was not only stepping backward, but running backward, my personal experience as shown me that making a change, even a tiny one , can set off a chain reaction that boosts you in the right direction. I believe that mind over matter can help to improve things greatly. The hardest part is resetting your mind to allow yourself to get to where you want to be.

How is your journey coming along? What steps have you accomplished? What events have had the biggest impact on your journey forward? I would love to hear from you.


P.S. My wife read this post before I published it. She told me it sounds like a motivational poster. Not quite sure if that is a good thing or a bad thing. Looking at this, I can completely see what she means. Rest assured, not all my posts will sound like something coming out of a “How to Motivate Your Employees” handbook.

3 thoughts on “Moving Forward”

  1. You’re right…little steps are certainly a move in the right direction. As they say…how do you eat an elephant..one bite at a time. Just get started.
    Inspiration for me comes from many places, the funnest is watching our money grow when markets are good. The worst is knowing your ageing and the pot better be full when needed.
    Really enjoyed your article and look forward to reading more.

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