Have you ever gotten that feeling that a change in your life was going to happen? That something new was going to begin? I am not talking about something like winning a sum of money or a week long getaway. I am talking about something that will improve your personal development and change your life in the long run. Why am I asking this? Well, because this is the feeling I have had now for a couple of weeks. Truthfully, I have never felt this way before.

Things are Different

At the beginning of this year, I knew things were going to be different. This is something that many of us tell ourselves each New Year’s. We are going to “change our lives” and we create lists of resolutions that are big, bold and things we think we need to do to get ahead. If you are someone who makes these types of lists and sticks to them throughout the year, that it awesome! Keep on keepin on. Although the “things are going to be different” mantra has become a cliché in today’s world, this year, for the first time, I have found it to hold true.

Things have been very different in many aspects. My marriage and family life has grown stronger, my passion for personal finance and development has grown stronger and I feel much more in control of things in my life. For the first time, Cryssie and I have created a solid financial plan and we are executing it. I set a goal for myself to read more and I am doing that as well. (I am currently reading “The Millionaire Next Door” by Thomas J. Stanley and William D. Danko…excellent book). And although it may sound selfish, for the first time in a long time, I have been focusing on me. The reason is because I know that in order to be able to improve things outside of myself, I first need to improve things within myself.

Feeling of Change

Lately, over the past three weeks or so, I have started embarking on some unchartered territory for my personal development. I have been listening to more and more podcasts about improving myself, have been researching more about personal development and reading more blog posts about how others have found success. What I did not expect was the way I am now feeling toward this. Call me crazy, but in my mind I get this sense that a new chapter has begun.

Do you know that feeling when you finish a chapter in a really good book? You are intrigued with the content and just don’t want to put it down. Even though it is 1:00 am, you turn the page and start the next chapter? That is the feeling I have right now, not in a book, but in my life. I have a sense of something new. The thing that I am baffled by, however, is that I have no idea what this “something new” is.

I have been reflecting on this for the past few days and have talked to Cryssie about it as well. She is so very supportive. She told me to keep on doing what I feel I need to do and whichever path I feel I need to follow, just follow it. When you are going down the right path, things have a way of working out.

Slowing Down

Through all the content I have been reading over the past year, one thing that has repeating itself to me over and over again is to just slow down. We live in such a fast-paced world. Our society demands things be done now, issues be fixed now and solutions need to be created in order to prevent problems from happening again. We rush through our days just to get to the next. One thing that I know I need to do is to put on the brakes and just slow down. I need to listen in order to hear what life is trying to tell me. I am a true believer that things happen for a reason. But I also think that in our fast-paced society, we are so unfocused that when something does happen, we do not allow ourselves to internalize it and act on it in the way we should.

So perhaps this new chapter that I feel that I have started in my life is one that I need to take slowly. There is no need to race to the end. Whatever this “something new” is going to be for me, I want to be sure that I focus less on the destination and more on the journey. This is where the true growth happens.

Where To Now?

I am very excited to see what is in store. Although I am not sure where this path I am walking down is going to lead me, something tells me it is the right one. I think that this kind of feeling is what tells us we are doing something right. This experience I have shared today may sound a bit vague, but I suppose that is because of the stage I am at right now. I, myself, am not even sure where this path is headed, but I am curious about where it will take me. And I’ll be sure to keep you informed along the way.

Have you ever been called to do something, but at first did not even know what that something was? Have you even taken a leap of faith into something that turned out to be life-changing decision? I would love to hear about it in the comments below.

2 thoughts on “Embarking On Something New”

  1. I love this ❤️ I felt called to start my blog. And I feel I need to work hard at it and be successful to provide the life for my family that I want. It’s stressful at times but I can’t seem to get it off my mind. Things have turned and I feel our life going in a different direction. You wrote this post perfectly! I’m happy to hear things are going great for you 😊

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