Our mindset towards life and our goals is the single most important thing to lead us to success. Over the last year or so, especially since starting this blog, my mindset on life and finances has changed drastically…all for the better. I have truly experienced just how much having positivity in life leads to more positivity. Changing my thinking has made all the difference.

Recently there was a celebration at my work. The company catered in lunch, they setup games to enjoy, they held contests and employees from many different departments were mingling and introducing each other to even more colleagues. It was certainly a great time. There were even slushies being handed out by the door. Nice! I can ‘t even remember the last time I had a slushy. One sip and it tasted like childhood. It was actually this one, delicious slushie that gave me the idea for this post


As I approached the slushie machine, watching people in front of me walking away with their colored cups of syrupy goodness, a co-worker who was operating the machine look up at me and said “Red or blue?” (Queue nerdy “Matrix” comment here…ha). After standing there for a brief moment,  I looked back and said “Both”. After cocking his head to the side for a second, my cup was filled and in my hand. Ahh…refreshing.

So why am I telling you this story? Many times in our lives we are faced with situations where we have an either/or decision to make. Each option has its positives and its negatives. Sometimes making these decisions are difficult. But how often do we really need to choose? Why force ourselves to make a decision at all? If we can,why not choose both?

Here is what I mean….

Pay off debt or save for the future?

Both. Sock $25, $50 or $100 away each paycheck in your saving account, pay your bills and then throw as much as you can toward debt. It may sound counterintuitive, but you will be glad you have some money saved when you have expenses come up. You now don’t have to use the credit card and get stuck in the cycle.

Work overtime to make more money to apply toward your goals or spend time for yourself to improve your mindset?

Both. Get those extra hours when you can. The money can sure be nice. Sure the days are long and you get home late, but then give yourself sometime to relax, read, meditate or whatever eases your min, even if it’s just 15-30 minutes a day.

Improve your professional life or your family life?

Both. Many time we separate these two, but we fail to realize that they work off each other. Spend some time with your significant other, kids and friends. Let your mind relax and forget about the stresses of work. At the same time, while at work, be more conscious of your focus so that you can be more proactive, meet the deadlines you need and be less stressed so that you can come home to your family and not bring work with you.

We live at such a fast pace today that many times we forget that we have a choice. We see a situation, quickly come up with a “default” solution and execute. It seems as if we are conditioned to go, go, go all the time. What I have been learning lately is to slow down, live in the moment. Our heads are so often ahead of the game that we lose sight of what s going on now.

Each of us has the power to change the situation we are in. Although we cannot control what happens to us in our jobs, our finances, our lives, we can control our reactions and our mindset. Looking at the “same situation” with a different mindset actually changes the situation altogether. Things may look the same to the world outside of us, but internally, everything is refreshed and new. This, many times, is exactly what we need in order to push through and push forward.

Perhaps it is time to stop looking at our financial lives though the glasses of either-or. If we change our mindset and look though each lens, we will discover we can have both.

What are some situations where you felt you had to choose? Looking back, was it possible that a decision did not need to be made after all?

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