I have been getting more requests for guest posts, which has been terrific! It is awesome to see others who wish to share their thoughts and ideas. Today’s post is another guest post from a new contributor to Defeating Normal, Sarah Smith. Sarah has been a personal finance author for the last five years. She is also an independent, and a very passionate, finance and investment advisor. She regularly posts at www.personalincome.org.

The views and opinions expressed in this guest post are those of the guest author and do not necessarily reflect the opinions or views of Defeating Normal.

Not having money is easier than having money and saving it. Who doesn’t go through the phase when they have a harder time saving money than earning it? With a new year just at its beginning, everyone makes resolutions to make their life easier, here are a few financial resolutions you should make to make your tax time easy and saving easier.

The money you never see

Trust me, if you have a significant amount of cash on hand, chances are you are bound to spend it and not even know where it went. The best way to save money is to keep it out of your reach. So people use credit cards to ease themselves that we don’t have cash on hand but that is a false hope you give yourself. Credit cards should be kept away if you are a shopaholic. Keeping a credit card has proven to be a widespread way to get into debt. You should have an ATM card, and even that should have a reasonable limit to ensure that you do not go around spending money on things you do not need.

Keep a track

Another way to monitor your finances is to keep a record where you spend your money. Make a list in your mobile. Write down whatever you buy each day. From a bottle of water to a shirt or a pair of jeans, no matter what you buy it has to go down on the list. You should go through the list and analyze it. Where could you have spent less money? Where could you have held back? In this way, you may face guilt about the unnecessary spending. Guilt has proven to be the most effective tool to cut out bad habits.


One of the most effective ways you can manage your finances is to make a budget. You will have to fight temptation in doing so and prioritize your needs and your wants. I’m not recommending you to cut back on necessities or compromise in quality, but you should give a second thought to anything you draw out a budget for. You should make sure that you’re not entirely listening to the heart.

Use technology

One way you can be sure that you will not be behind on any bill payment is to automate it whenever it is due and whenever you have money. The bills should be paid as they are the first and foremost priority. A tip to remember is that you should always second check certain payments that have been automated; you wouldn’t want to lose money due to some glitch now would you?

Know what you do online

Because our whole lives are now on our laptops, we eat, sleep and dress online. It is for this reason that we should keep a record of all the sites where we make an account that is related to our finances. You never know, a glitch maybe roots for a financial problem online.

Before agreeing to anything with an online retailer, have complete knowledge of what you are about to get in to. Here is a site with some resources that can help you make a smart decision.

What are some ways you like to stay organized? Are there any tricks you use to save money?

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