Before I get to today’s post, there are some things I would like to share. First, some exciting news! My wife and I are extremely happy to welcome our baby boy into the world! Now as parents of two great kids, we are getting adjusted to life as a family of four. I am eager to see where this adventure will take us. There are certainly some financial adjustments that we all make when we expand our families, I will be sure to write future posts on some of the things we find helpful to our finances as well as things we embark upon on this new journey.

Next, my thoughts and prayers go out to all of those affected by Hurricane Irma as it makes landfall on the east coast. My grandmother who lives in Florida was able to get out and come stay with us before the storm hit. I am very grateful that she was able to get out in time. With both of these events happening, this past week and a half has been a whirlwind of emotions.

Lastly, but certainly not least, my thoughts and prayers also go out to those who lost loved ones 16 years ago today on September 11th. The memories our family members and friends will always be with us.


My interest in finance started out to be general as I was always just trying to get by. Not too long ago, I was only interested enough to make sure bills were paid and work toward savings goals. However, this interest has become much deeper. Today I want to share with you my list things that help to steer me to the world of personal finance.

My 5 Things:

  1. Getting tired of the status quo

    I felt as if I was doing the same things as everyone else. Working a middle-class job and keeping up with a middle-class life with no real direction on where I was going to go from there. I wondered what more is there. How can I improve my life?

  2. We typically do better with things we understand

    People excel in things that they understand and things they are comfortable with. I realized that the more I learn about personal finance and development, the more I can apply techniques and information to my life, the better off I can be financially.

  3. The desire to help

    Finance is something that everyone deals with and something that many people struggle with. Some do not know where to turn to find help. The more I learn about personal finance, the more I can help others and also help my own situation.

  4. Genuine interest

    After researching more and more financial topics to help better improve my life and prepare for the future, I found that I have a genuine interest in finance. I don’t want to learn about it to just help me now. I want to learn as much as I can simply because it sparks an interest and is information that can be used over the course of a lifetime.

  5. Needing something new

    As I had mentioned before, when I first started learning more about personal finance, I was at a point where I felt I needed to do something different in my life. I started down this road to see where it would take me and so far, I am happy where it’s leading.

    The more I write, the more I learn and the more I grow. Although this blog is still in its baby stage, it is something that I am truly enjoying. I am glad that you are taking this path with me and reading my posts. In the short time since I have started Defeating Normal, it has opened my eyes to so much.

  • What inspires you in your financial life?
  • Are there any changes have you made for the better? What are they?
  • What is your success story?

I would love to hear from you. Please comment below with how things are going. I can also be reached directly at

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